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The Webster family grows and spreads.

(13th Generation in America)

Eugene Maurice Webster, Older son of George and Concetta (Russell) Webster, was born 6 June 1930. At 17 He joined the United States Army and, while serving at Fort Dix, he took a furlough to marry Norma Jean Morse (7 Jul 1929 - 20 Jun 1981) on 10 September 1948. Norma was the second child of Ralph A. Morse (24 Jan 1901 - 12 Dec 1971) and Beatrice G. (Lynch) Morse (24 Oct 1906 - 10 Mar 1971).

Apart from working for his father installing roofing and siding for a couple of short periods, he was a machinist for most of his life and specialized in Davenport Multiple Spindle Machine Tools. Eugene was an accomplished musician (guitar and trombone) and also a competent auto-mechanic.

Eugene remarried to Lisa Cenzi in August 1989.

Children of Eugene Maurice and Norma Jean (Morse) Webster;

  • Eugene Maurice Jr; 23 Aug 1949

  • Donna Lee; 31 Jul 1950;
    m. Samuel Payne

  • Daniel Allen; 1 Jul 1951 - 12 Apr 2003;
    m. Patricia (Unknown); m. Kelly (Unknown); m. Joan (Unknown)

  • George Mortimer; 3 Jul 1952;
    m. Robecca Brink 1976

  • Lynn Rae; 18 Mar 1954

  • Edwin Vearl; 7 Jul 1958;
    m. Sherry Ruger

  • Whitney Beth; 31 Jan 1970;
    m. Dewitt Collins

(14th generation in America)

Eugene Maurice Webster Jr., son of Eugene M. and Norma J. (Morse) Webster, was born 23 August 1949.

Gene started work on construction sites at an early age, worked in a print shop (he was trained as a printer in high school) and, before and after the Vietnam War (he served as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps), worked as a machinist and as an ironworker and welder. After his marriage on 1 November 1975 to Karen Marie Kellerhouse (b. 28 April 1952 in Peekskill, NY), younger daughter of Stanley Holmes Kellerhouse (16 May 1915 - 8 Jun 1995) and Anna Marie (Keenen) Kellerhouse (19 Aug 1919 - 24 Oct 2004), he returned to the construction trades.

Gene and Karen moved from Rochester, NY, to Prattsburgh, NY, 1 May 1976 where they built a house and eventually began raising a family.

Starting in 1980, and continuing for 19 years (until Jul 1999), Gene operated his general contracting business from their homes in Prattsburgh and, after the blizzard of March 1993, Cohocton, NY. During that time, he also did a brief stint as a tree surgeon and logger. Gene is now employed by Wegmans as a Receiver and Maintenance Supervisor.

Karen worked in a department store until 1978 when the mutual decision was made for her to stay at home and begin raising a family. In 1984 she returned to the workforce and worked on a Christmas tree farm, an onion farm, in a grocery store, and as a home health aid engaged in private care. In 1999, after an intensive two month 40 hours per week training course, Karen became a New York Certified Nursing Assistant. She has since worked for Livingston County at their government operated nursing home, and is currently employed by the Sisters of Mercy at their facility in Hornell, NY.

On 29 December 2005, Gene and Karen bought a small home in Springwater, NY, where they reside today.

Children of Eugene Maurice and Karen Marie (Kellerhouse) Webster;

  • Seth Michael; 14 Mar 1979

  • Travis Charles; 28 Dec 1983

(15th generation in America)

Seth Michael Webster, older son of Eugene and Karen (Kellerhouse) Webster, was born 14 March 1979. He was always a precocious child and seemed to be in a hurry to grow up. Seth learned to walk at eight months of age, learned to talk at eight months, started playing guitar at seven years of age, started playing tenor saxaphone at nine years, and, at the age of seventeen, graduated from high school one year early. He then continued this breakneck pace in college where he was elected to Phi Theta Kappa in his first semester and at the end of his second semester was only seven credits short of earning an Associate's Degree.

Seth has worked primarily in the retail trades while pursuing his musical interests in his off hours. At present he is an IT professional for a large grocery store chain.

Talent and training have led Seth into the Rochester, NY music community. He has played lead guitar for Bad Karma, The Deborah Magone Band, and Heatseeker. He is now the guitarist, songwriter, and arranger for The Dirty Bourbon Blues Band, a popular local blues band.

On 21 August 1999 Seth married Chelsea Kay Cook (born 1 Nov 1979), only daughter of Ronald and Kim (Keenan) Cook of Dansville, NY; they have one child.

On 18 August 2007 he remarried to Jillian Mary LaFex (born 29 March 1982), older daughter of Steven and Karen (Clements) LaFex of Syracuse, NY. Seth and Jill have two children.

Children of Seth Michael and Chelsea Kay (Cook) Webster;

  • Owen Max; 1 Jun 2005

Children of Seth Michael and Jillian Mary (LaFex) Webster;

  • Abigail Rose; 15 Feb 2002

  • Claire Elizabeth; 7 Jul 2008

Travis Charles Webster, younger son of Eugene and Karen (Kellerhouse) Webster, was born 28 December 1983. Although very intelligent, he was an indifferent student; he was however a member of his high school swim team and specialized in the 500 meter freestyle. Travis also trained to be a Nursing Aide at BOCES and received certification from New York State upon graduation from high school.

On 4 August 2002, like his father before him, Travis enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. He served a little more than three years, drove M1A1 Abrams tanks, and reached the rank of Lance Coporal before being discharged with a 50% medical disability.

Travis presently lives in North Cohocton, NY, and has worked as a Home Health Aide, an ARC Aide, and a security professional at the Steuben County Courthouse in Bath, NY. He is now employed in residential construction in the Rochester, NY area.

On 3 August 2005, Travis married Amber Rose Thompson in Jacksonville, NC; they have no children.

On 2 October 2009, Travis remarried to Tiffany Marie Learn of Wayland, NY.

Children of Travis Charles and Tiffany Marie (Learn) Webster;

  • Maige Aurora Learn; 22 Oct 2004;
    father - Anthony Hayward

  • Caiden Michael Webster; 3 Nov 2007;

  • Alorah Jazelle Webster; 15 Feb 2009 - 15 Feb 2009

  • Kenzie Mariah Webster; 22 Feb 2014

  • Garrett Riley Webster; 16 Jan 2015

Travis also has a son with Sarah Anne Thomas of Rochester, NY;

  • Thomas Caleb Webster; 5 Dec 2004

With Cynthia Marie Shanks of Livonia, NY, Travis had one other son;

  • Adrian Michael Shanks-Webster; 5 Nov 2006 - 5 Nov 2006

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